Royal Activities
Saturday 22 June 2013

Jerada: New Health Facilities Reflecting The Royal Solicitude For The Population

Jerada: New Health Facilities Reflecting The Royal Solicitude For The Population

The Royal solicitude granted by HM King Mohammed VI to persons affected by chronic diseases and the Sovereign’s will to guarantee equal access to health care were once again illustrated in the launching by the sovereign of construction works of a unit specialised in the treatment of silicosis disease and a haemodialysis center in Jerada.

The health facilities for persons affected by kidney failure and those affected by silicosis diseases are therefore consolidated, producing evidence of renewed solicitude to the inhabitants of this north-eastern city. 

   Requiring an investment of 7.9 million DH, the medical unit specialized in the treatment of silicosis diseases will consist of a hospitalization pavilion, another one for examination, a physiotherapy ward and an administrative building.

    With a capacity of 34 beds, the unit will serve to the diagnosis and treatment of persons affected with silicosis diseases, a condition of the respiratory tract frequent in the region, especially among coal miners.

    The haemodialysis center, adjacent to the Jerada provincial hospital, will alleviate the congestion of the nephrology service of Oujda’s Al Farabi hospital center and contribute to improving health services extended to patients affected by kidney failure.

    It is carried out in partnership between the health ministry, the national initiative for human development, the provincial council of Jerada and the Agency for the Development of the Oriental region.

     The center, requiring a budget of 5.3 million DH, will be equipped with modern equipment and machinery and will accommodate up to 60 patients on a daily basis.

  These new health facilities are part of various projects and initiatives launched by HM the King, like the INDH, the Royal initiative for the development of the Oriental region and the medical assistance system, that seek to democratize health care and guarantee to citizens dignity and prosperity.