Royal Activities
Saturday 20 April 2013

New Structuring Projects In Safi: Community-Based Policy Advocated By HM The King Is Embodied

Nuevos proyectos estructurantes en Safi: una consagración de la política de proximidad preconizada por el Soberano

The community-based policy advocated by HM King Mohammed VI was, once again, embodied with structuring projects launched, Saturday, by the Sovereign in Safi (340km south of Rabat) to improve the living conditions of urban and rural populations and to keep up with the demographic development of the province.

The Sovereign launched two projects within the framework of the 2013 programme for the development of local products in the province, and the second phase of the Safi liquid waste project.

     The projects will contribute to improving the income of farmers, developing the yield of agricultural lands, protecting the environment, ensuring depollution of the coast of Safi and enhancing the attractiveness of the city.

     The first project on the development of beekeeping in ten rural communes of the province will benefit more than 260 farmers. It consists in particular of acquiring and distributing 1,500 hives, building and equipping a honey production unit, and providing technical supervision for the beneficiaries.

    The 6 million dirham project aims at developing the production of honey (from 7 to 40 tonnes), increasing farmers' income (from 1,900 to 6,200 dirhams), and creating fixed jobs.

    The second project concerns the development of the sector of fig trees in three rural communes, for an investment of 16 million dirhams.

     Spanning on 2,100 hectares, the project will benefit 2,000 farmers and consists of planting 200 hectares in fig trees. It would enhance the performance of the cultivated land (from 1.1 to 2.5 tonnes/ha), increase productivity from 1,210 to 5,250 tonnes, and improve the income of farmers (1,670 to 7,190 dirhams/ha).

     The two projects will consolidate the various initiatives undertaken at the provincial level under Component II of the Green Plan, especially the programme to develop olive (2010-2014) and caper trees (2011-2016).

     On this occasion, HM the King planted a fig tree as a sign of the start of the operation of planting 200 hectares in fig trees.

    Afterwards, the Sovereign launched the second phase of the 497 million dirham Safi liquid waste project, which aims to upgrade the existing network, ensure wide access to sewerage and improve the connection rate.