Royal Activities
Thursday 3 October 2013

Royal Visit To Errachidia: New INDH Projects Launched

Royal Visit To Errachidia: New INDH Projects Launched

 HM King Mohammed VI's unwavering solicitude for people with chronic illnesses and their families, and his will to improve the living conditions of this underprivileged population, including special needs people, were mirrored, again, on Thursday through the launch by the sovereign of several INDH projects in the province of Errachidia.

HM the King launched the building works of "Dar Al Hayat", a center that will accommodate families accompanying patients admitted to the Moulay Ali Cherif provincial hospital, laid the foundation stone of a social-educational center for special needs kids and handed equipment acquired as part of the national initiative for human development (INDH).

 Worth 1.7 million dirhams, Dar Al Hayat will be constructed inside the Moulay Ali Cherif provincial hospital, and will offer the adequate environment to receive families of long-stay patients.

 With 36 beds, the project is aimed at democratizing health care as does the said hospital's hemodialysis center which the sovereign visited on Thursday.

The hemodialysis center, whose building works were launched by HM the King in 2009, contributed to ameliorating medical services for kidney failure patients and spared them the travel to other cities for the necessary health care.

 Totaling 8.2 million dirhams, the center has sophisticated equipment and can receive up to 44 patients daily. It has mainly a recovery room, 24 dialysis generators and a consultation room. 

 Operational since January 2012, the center was carried out under the provincial program to fight kidney failure which enabled also to build a hemodialysis center at Guelmima local hospital (11 dialysis generators) and provides for constructing a hemodialysis center at Erfoud local hospital.

 As for the social-educational center for special needs kids, launched today by the sovereign, it aims at assisting this targeted social group and support their families through providing the necessary medical care that would facilitate the social integration of special needs kids.

 The facility, worth 2.5 million dirhams, will include three pedagogical rooms, a physiotherapy room, workshops, a playground and a sport field. Benefiting over 50 kids, the projects will undoubtedly reinforce these kids' capacities and promote community-based services.

 On this occasion, HM the King handed medical and technical equipment for the anatomopathology laboratory of the Moulay Ali Cherif hospital as well as three mobile medical units for the health provincial delegation.

 As part of the INDH, 266 projects were undertaken over the 2011-2013 period in the province of Errachidia for an amount of 160.3 million dirhams.