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Thursday 14 October 2021

Statement by the Royal Office

Statement by the Royal Office

Here follows a statement by the Royal Office:

"In accordance with the provisions of article 47 of the Constitution, and following a proposal by the Head of Government, His Majesty King Mohammed VI - May God Assist Him - has kindly appointed Mr. Khalid Aït Taleb as Minister of Health and Social Protection, replacing Mrs. Nabila Rmili.

This appointment takes place in accordance with the constitutional provisions, and after the submission to the Royal High Appreciation of the proposal of the Head of Government, aimed at ending the governmental functions of Mrs. Rmili who requested to fully focus on her functions of President of the Council of the city of Casablanca. And this, after realizing the workload of this representative mission, and the continuous monitoring of the issues of its inhabitants and the projects underway in this big metropolis, which may impact the several commitments and the daily monitoring required by the health sector, particularly during the pandemic period.

His Majesty the King - May God Preserve Him - kindly gave His Approval to the proposal of the Head of Government to appoint Mr. Aït Taleb, in order to continue the projects underway and address the urgent challenges of the Health Sector, in particular the continued management of the health component of the Covid-19 pandemic and the smooth running of the national vaccination campaign".

MAP 14 October 2021