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Royal Activities
Monday 3 December 2018

Statement by Royal Office

Statement by Royal Office

The royal office issued a statement here follows its text:

"HM King Mohammed VI received, Monday, Dec. 3, 2018, at the Rabat royal palace, Latifa Akharbach whom the sovereign appointed president of the High Authority of the Higher Council of Audio-visual Communication.

HM the King also received Narjiss Reghay, Jaafar Kansoussi, Ali Bakkali Hassani and Abdelkader Chaoui whom the monarch appointed new members of the Higher Council of Audio-visual Communication, pursuant to article 9 of law 15-11 on the reorganization of the High Authority for Audio-visual Communication.

HM the King also received:

Fatima Baroudi and Khalil El Alami Idrissi, appointed by the head of the government;

Badia Radi, appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives;

Mohamed El Maazouz, appointed by the speaker of the house of advisors;

HM the King also appointed Benaissa Asloune director general of audio-visual communication.

During this audience, the president, the members and the director general of the Higher Council were sworn in before HM the King.

The renewal of the body's formation comes following its promotion as an independent constitutional institution tasked with regulating the country's audiovisual landscape.

It also mirrors HM the King's keenness to see this institution fulfilling its missions, mainly those related to ensuring free audiovisual communication, free speech and its protection, citizens' right to information and media to have a diversified, plural and balanced audiovisual sector, while respecting political, cultural and linguistic pluralism, different opinions and thoughts in the country, as well as respect for the law, professionalism and the profession's ethics."

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