Tuesday 20 February 2024

Addis Ababa: Morocco, Crossroads for African Youth and Cradle of Pan-Africanism (President of Pan-African Youth Union)

Addis Ababa: Morocco, Crossroads for African Youth and Cradle of Pan-Africanism (President of Pan-Af

Morocco is a crossroads for African youth and the cradle of Pan-Africanism, enabling young Africans to assert themselves for the future of the continent, said, on Monday in Addis Ababa, president of the Pan-African Youth Union, Moumouni Dialla.

Thanks to its multifaceted technical and financial support, the Kingdom "enables us to respond to the concerns of young people on our continent", stressed Moumouni Diala in an interview with MAP as part of the African Youth Colloquium held on February 17-18-19 on the sidelines of the African Union Summit by the Pan-African Youth Union, in partnership with the Ethiopia National Youth Council, the African Leadership Excellence Academy, Horn of Africa and the African Youth Commission.

Several actions are carried out from the headquarters in Rabat, but also in other countries, and all thanks to the support of the Kingdom of Morocco, added the president of the Pan-African Youth Union.

Referring to the Colloquium theme "Educate an African fit for the 21st Century: Building resilient education systems for increased access to inclusive, lifelong, quality, and relevant learning in Africa,” Moumouni Dialla pointed out that Africa today is facing enormous development difficulties, and so "it's important to review the education system, because for us, after a diagnosis, we found that in most African countries, the education system was not adapted to the needs of the market or to African realities".

In this context, the president of the Pan-African Youth Union stressed that African countries should draw inspiration from Morocco in terms of training and educational systems. "We can say that Morocco is the example for training in Africa", he underlined, pointing out that most young Africans today turn to the Kingdom for training.

MAP: 19 February 2024