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Saturday 10 April 2021

Clarification: Detainee Mohamed Lamin Haddi Enjoys All His Rights without Any Discrimination

Clarification: Detainee Mohamed Lamin Haddi Enjoys All His Rights without Any Discrimination

The Moroccan authorities are astonished by the terms of the statement issued by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) evoking a +calvary+ and a +supplication+ that the detainee Mohamed Lamin Haddi would undergo, affirming that he enjoys all his rights without any discrimination.

The General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration had indicated in two statements, issued respectively on 23 February and 02 March 2021, that he is incarcerated in the local prison of Tifelt 2 in quite normal conditions meeting international norms and standards, stressed the Department of Communication at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in a clarification on Saturday.

"The person concerned enjoys all his rights without any discrimination like all other detainees and has always been subject to appropriate medical monitoring," the department assured.

"Contrary to what the person concerned claims, it has been established that he has not conducted a hunger strike and has never been forcibly fed," said the department, noting that the person concerned was visited by the Regional Human Rights Commission of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra on February 26. The visit took place in the presence of a doctor who established that his health condition was normal.

As part of his university studies, he was able to prepare and take the examinations of the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences Ibn Tofail of Kenitra, held at the Central House of Kenitra from 23 to 26 March 2021, noted the department.

The mother of the person concerned, the same source added, "has never been prevented from visiting him but has refused to respect the precautionary health measures related to the Covid 19 pandemic, put in place by the Prison Administration for the smooth running of visits".

 The department further explained that due to the disturbance generated by her family in front of the prison on March 03, 2021, she was heard the same day by the services of the judicial police of Tifelt, on instruction of the competent prosecutor.

"The person concerned had been the subject of a visit by the Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance of Tifelt on March 02, 2021, following the complaint of his mother," said the department, stating that for lack of evidence, this complaint was closed by the Public Prosecutor at the Rabat Court of Appeal.

 The department also stressed that the person concerned has never officially exercised the profession of journalist, nor has he taken the necessary steps to obtain a press card, an essential document for the exercise of this profession as provided by Moroccan law.


The same source recalled that "after a fair trial followed by many national and international observers, the person concerned was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison following his involvement in the savage killing of 11 elements of the forces of order”.


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