Tuesday 3 March 2020

Coronavirus: Rooms Assigned to Moroccan Hospitals to Receive Suspicious Cases, Official

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Coronavirus: Rooms Assigned to Moroccan Hospitals to Receive Suspicious Cases, Official

Rooms and units have been assigned to hospitals in all cities of the Kingdom to receive suspicious cases of Coronavirus, said on Tuesday in Rabat Minister of Health Khalid Ait Taleb.

"Nearly 670 beds are available to receive cases. Morocco has all the necessary equipment and trained professionals to deal with this virus," said Ait Taleb at a press conference.

Answering a question on the choice of the Moulay Youssef hospital of Casablanca to receive the person infected with the virus, the minister stated that it is an establishment of reference for this type of disease, since it has rooms with low pressure which prevents air from leaking from the room where the patient is located.

For his part, director of epidemiology and the fight against diseases at the Ministry of Health Mohamed El Youbi said: "we are dealing with a new strain of the Corona virus having several other characteristics of the virus", noting that "the measures that were taken to combat this virus are linked to risk assessment which is reviewed daily".

Concerning the confirmed case in Morocco, El Youbi underlined that "on the plane, this person was not sick", and that the inventory of people who had contact with him comes in anticipation of the worst-case scenario, noting that the measures taken differ depending on the extent of contact with the person concerned.

The Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded, Monday evening, a first case of the new coronavirus at the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur-Maroc, in a Moroccan from Italy.

The Ministry of Health will continue to communicate with public opinion and to inform it of all the news as it has been doing since the outbreak of this global health emergency.

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