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Saturday 16 May 2020

Covid-19: Draft Action Plan Set Up to Support Moroccans Abroad

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Covid-19: Draft Action Plan Set Up to Support Moroccans Abroad

A draft emergency action plan including a series of administrative, economic and social measures in the short and medium terms has been set up in order to support Moroccans living abroad, said on Friday in Rabat delegate minister for Moroccans abroad, Nezha El Ouafi.

During a meeting by videoconference of the Technical Committee of the ministerial commission in charge of Moroccans abroad, El Ouafi underlined that this support is intended to Moroccans in dire situation so as to help them face the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.

The technical committee is required to deepen discussions on the most important measures proposed by the draft plan in order to voice its opinions and recommendations on this matter, she said, adding that the focus will be on the mechanism that will enable the implementation of each measure, on the basis of a participatory approach, with a view to submitting the draft plan to the interministerial committee.

In this regard, El Ouafi welcomed the action of the interministerial commission in the management of the affairs of Moroccans across the world as well as migration issues, and praised the efforts made by the technical committee which ensures implementing the recommendations of the committee's meetings.

This, she said, made it possible to deal with several issues and expectations of Moroccans abroad at the administrative, consular, social, cultural, legal and economic levels.

She recalled that the delegated ministry has taken urgent measures to meet their pressing needs, including the creation of a working group at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans abroad, which was in charge of taking necessary decisions at the appropriate time, in addition to follow-up cells at diplomatic missions and consulates, and a follow-up and orientation cell with a permanent work team at the delegated ministry.

These measures also include paying for the burial of the remains of the deceased Moroccans in precarious situation, she underlined.

El Ouafi also mentioned mobilizing Moroccan skills abroad to support Moroccans across the world in the management of the health and social repercussions of the pndemic, extending the validity of administrative documents and strengthening communication through the ministry's website and official page on Facebook, public TV channels and other outlets.

For his part, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), Abdellah Boussouf, welcomed the precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, through the mobilization of all the institutions and all human and financial resources in order to provide support to Moroccan nationals abroad.

In order to deal with the issues of the Moroccan community, the CCME had to abandon the programs already prepared so as to set up exceptional programs intended to mitigate the repercussions of the pandemic on Moroccans living abroad, he said.

He mentioned in this regard the launch of a digital platform in order to listen to them and supervise interventions in favor of this category.

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