Monday 13 April 2015

Domestic Intelligence Foils Plots of Terrorist Network in northeastern Morocco

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Domestic Intelligence Foils Plots of Terrorist Network in northeastern Morocco

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), an offshoot of Morocco’s domestic intelligence agency (DGST), has foiled a serious terrorist plot aiming at undermining Morocco’s security and stability after busting, on Monday in the town of Salwane (northeast), a terrorist cell of six members imbued with jihadist ideas, the interior ministry said.

Investigations conducted by the BCIJ revealed that the cell was working to implement IS group's terrorist agenda by plotting to perpetrate "targeted" terrorist attacks in the kingdom, including the assassination of individuals they accuse of having beliefs that contradict those espoused by their terrorist organization, the interior ministry said in a statement.

The investigations showed that the members of the cell held secret meetings to prepare their terrorist plots as well as paramilitary exercises in a forest nearby Salwane in order to enhance their readiness in the event of a confrontation with security forces, the source added.

Aware of the importance of security cooperation to combat terrorist and preserve world security and stability, the DSGT provided precise information to the Dutch authorities that has made it possible to arrest a Moroccan living in the Netherland who had close links with the terrorist cell, the Ministry said

This Moroccan national was seeking fire arms and explosives to be used in targeting Dutch security forces, the statement noted.

The arrested individuals will be brought before justice for further investigation under the supervision of the General Prosecutor.

MAp 13 April 2015