Friday 27 March 2020

Head of Govt. Calls for Compliance with State of Health Emergency Provisions

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Head of Govt. Calls for Compliance with State of Health Emergency Provisions

The head of government, Saad Dine El Otmani, stressed, Friday in Rabat, that the next ten days will be decisive in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Morocco, which requires the cooperation, solidarity and collective awareness of each of us to succeed in quarantine and compliance with the provisions of the state of health emergency in force a few days ago.

Speaking before the Cabinet meeting, El Otmani noted that an increase in the number of infections has been recorded, as well as cases of recovery, expressing his regrets for the death of a number of citizens infected by the virus and his condolences to their families and loved ones, said a statement by the minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, spokesman for the government, issued at the end of the meeting.

El Otmani recalled that Morocco has been in a state of health emergency for several days, urging all citizens to assume their individual responsibility, "because no authority can force people to quarantine themselves completely, if citizens do not cooperate with each other".

The best way to deal with the situation is to stay at home and not leave it unless it is necessary to shop, go to the doctor, to the pharmacy or to work, he insisted.

Referring to the decree law on the state of health emergency containing prison sentences or fines for offenders, El Otmani noted that by adopting these measures the government wants to overcome this epidemic and protect the homeland and its citizens, on a voluntary basis with the cooperation and participation of all.

In this regard, the head of government said that Morocco has taken a number of unprecedented and forward-looking measures since the emergence of the coronavirus, under the direct supervision of HM King Mohammed VI, who has ordered that all necessary measures be taken to protect the Kingdom from this epidemic and its future consequences.

In this context, he recalled the initiative of HM the King who gave his High Instructions to create a special Fund for the management of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), assuring that the Royal Initiative was an opportunity for the Moroccan people to show their solidarity by contributing massively to this fund aimed at reducing the effects of the pandemic.