Monday 2 October 2023

Morocco Backs Somalia's Request for 3-Month Halt to ATMIS Mission Withdrawal

Morocco Backs Somalia's Request for 3-Month Halt to ATMIS Mission Withdrawal

Morocco reaffirmed its support for the Somali Federal Government's request for a three-month technical pause for the second phase of the withdrawal of troops from the African Union Transition in Somalia (ATMIS), scheduled for September 30th, before the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU).

During a PSC meeting of the AU held via video conference on Saturday, dedicated to reviewing the Somali Federal Government's request for a technical pause in the withdrawal of ATMIS's Phase II, the Moroccan delegation pointed out that this request arises from the urgent need to address significant challenges revealed by the joint technical assessment report, which has deep implications for security transition in Somalia.

Somalia's requested suspension of withdrawal is necessary to provide the essential time to devise solutions to the challenges outlined in the joint technical assessment report, thus ensuring a smoother and safer security transition, contributing to the long-term peace, stability, and prosperity of Somalia, emphasized the Moroccan delegation.

Morocco takes this opportunity to express its support for the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, aimed at assisting the Somali Federal Government in implementing the Somali transition plan and gradually transferring security responsibilities from ATMIS to the Somali national security forces, with the goal of enabling Somalia to assume full responsibility for its own security, including accelerating operational efforts in combating insecurity and instability factors, added the Moroccan delegation.

The Kingdom also calls on the international community to support Somalia, allowing this brotherly country to regain its rightful place at the regional, continental, and international levels by providing international and bilateral funding to Somalia for training, equipping, and capacity-building of the Somali security forces.

These measures will enable a gradual and effective transfer of responsibilities from ATMIS to Somali security forces and institutions, thus preventing a security vacuum from developing in Somalia, with all the potential repercussions it would have on the country, the sub-region, and the continent, asserted the Moroccan delegation.

On September 14th, the AU PSC had decided, in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolutions, to withdraw 3,000 ATMIS soldiers by the end of the same month in a fair manner.

The PSC had also decided, in accordance with the directives of the Somali Federal Government, to withdraw 851 police personnel from ATMIS.

MAP: 01 October 2023