Wednesday 17 February 2021

Morocco One of Pioneering Arab Countries in Management of Population Issues (UNFPA Official)

Morocco One of Pioneering Arab Countries in Management of Population Issues (UNFPA Official)

Morocco is one of the pioneering countries in the Arab world in the field of population issues management, resident representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Luis Mora said on Wednesday in Rabat.

This is the "first Arab country to develop a plan in this regard, under the reign of late HM King Hassan II," Mora said in a meeting with Speaker of House of Representatives Habib El Malki, welcoming the level of development of the Kingdom in this area.

Quoted by a press release from the lower house, the UN official also welcomed the historical relations of cooperation between Morocco and the UNFPA. Mora also commended the evolution of the Kingdom of Morocco in this area.

The UNFPA Resident Representative in Morocco highlighted the importance of building cooperation and partnership ties between the Fund and the House. "Such relations would enable both institutions to achieve the sustainable development goals and find the best means to deal with the new population phenomena and the transformations marking the structure of Moroccan families and society during the recent years," he said.

El Malki, for his part, expressed the will of the House to consolidate cooperation ties with the UN fund, lauding its support for many projects and population issues in the Kingdom.

The Speaker of the House underlined that Morocco has been focusing, since the 1960s, on population-based affairs, which have always been at the center of an active social debate. In the same context, he also noted the rapid transformations marking the current juncture at the economic, cultural, social, and family levels.

El Malki noted that Morocco had taken important measures in improving its economic and social indices by adopting a transparent approach that reflects the real conditions of its people. The Speaker stressed that Morocco has the necessary qualifications to progress on the path of prosperity and development.

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