Friday 3 February 2023

Morocco, Spain Called Upon to Concretize Vocation as Europe-Africa Bridge - Pedro Sánchez

Morocco, Spain Called Upon to Concretize Vocation as Europe-Africa Bridge - Pedro Sánchez

Morocco and Spain are called to give concrete content to their vocation as a bridge between Europe and Africa, said Thursday in Rabat, the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez.

Co-chairing with the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, the 12th Moroccan-Spanish High-Level Meeting, Sánchez called for the harmonization of public policies of both countries to improve their connectivity as well as in the region, accelerate the digitalization and ensure the energy transition to ensure sustainable development.

The Spanish chief executive stressed, moreover, that the two countries are also called to ensure harmonious progress in all areas through the strengthening of political dialogue and security and more investment, trade and interconnections, as well as mobility and communication between the two societies.

These are the objectives set by the two kingdoms during the visit he made to Rabat last April 7, he recalled, noting that "we can see today that we have achieved them: we have fulfilled our commitments and we will continue to do so.

He also noted that this session of the HLM consolidates the new stage opened in bilateral relations, noting that "both Kingdoms are entering this new stage with a great sense of responsibility and historical awareness and, above all, with a deep conviction of the enormous potential that remains to be explored in this relationship, which goes far beyond the simple neighborhood.

Sánchez also referred to the exceptional nature of this session, in that "it is the first of its kind in 8 years, but also because it comes after the joint statement of last April 7, which strengthened the basis for joint action, noting that both countries are committed to transparency and permanent communication, while prioritizing dialogue and not the fait accompli.

He also reaffirmed the validity and integrity of all agreements between the two parties, which have laid the foundations of bilateral relations in the past.

In this regard, the two governments have proposed an action program that aims to expand the fields of bilateral relations in a balanced and coordinated manner through a strengthened political and security dialogue, with a systematic monitoring mechanism of the implementation of agreements, he continued.

It is also an advanced economic partnership, developing new investment projects to accompany the process of "extraordinary" development that Morocco is experiencing, he said.

Regarding the new partnership to strengthen socio-cultural ties, Sánchez said that both societies want new models of mobility, education and training, stressing the need to adopt a comprehensive and constructive approach to migration.

He also noted "the shared responsibility of both countries to work together to defend a global order based on rules, especially in the face of war in Ukraine and instability in North Africa.

On another note, the President of the Spanish Government highlighted the advanced status of Morocco in the European Union, stressing that the Spanish presidency of the Council this year offers an opportunity to make a qualitative leap in this direction.

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