Thursday 1 February 2024

Morocco's Achievements in Women's Rights Recognized at International Forum in Panama

Morocco's Achievements in Women's Rights Recognized at International Forum in Panama

In a recent international forum held in Panama to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Morocco's strides in the realm of women's rights took center stage. The Moroccan delegation, led by Ambassador Bouchra Boudchiche, used the platform to underscore the nation's commitment to human rights, particularly women's rights, through extensive reforms initiated by HM King Mohammed VI.

The Moroccan Embassy in Panama issued a press release highlighting the Kingdom's dedication to promoting equality and parity. Ambassador Boudchiche emphasized Morocco's firm belief in these principles, pointing out that the nation has adopted and ratified a majority of relevant international conventions. Notably, the Moroccan Constitution enshrines the precedence of ratified international conventions over national laws, reflecting a commitment to advancing women's empowerment across various domains.

During her address, Ambassador Boudchiche detailed the initiatives and public policies implemented in Morocco to foster gender equality. These efforts include ensuring the active participation of women in elected institutions and private enterprises, as well as adopting a endocentrique approach in public budget management. The ambassador asserted that these measures have resulted in significant progress towards achieving gender equality in the country.

The forum, attended by high-ranking Panamanian officials and the Minister of Women, Juana Herrera Araúz, became a platform for Morocco to showcase its commitment to joint action and international cooperation. Ambassador Boudchiche highlighted Morocco's launch of various international initiatives, particularly in Africa, aimed at improving the status of women. She expressed the Kingdom's willingness to share its experiences with friendly nations, fostering cooperation to advance equality and women's empowerment.

The ambassador also noted that Morocco's election to the presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council signifies international recognition of the Kingdom's achievements in defending human rights and promoting equality and parity.

The forum's attendees included presidents of constitutional institutions, representatives of various UN programs in Panama, and members of civil society organizations actively engaged in human rights and women's empowerment. The event served as a testament to Morocco's dedication to advancing human rights, particularly in the crucial area of women's empowerment, on the international stage.

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