Tuesday 26 November 2013

Thanks To HM The King's Actions, Morocco Succeeded In Consolidating Its Islet Of Democracy (EU-Morocco Friendship Group)

Vocal synthesis

Morocco has succeeded in consolidating its democracy islet and in being one of the few Arab countries to experience stability, thanks to the actions undertaken by HM King Mohammed VI, says the EU-Morocco friendship group at the European parliament.

The group stresses that the adoption in 2011 by popular referendum of a new constitution, at the initiative of the Sovereign, was a remarkable moment both for the Moroccan parliamentary life and for relations between Morocco and the European Union.

"This is where the difference with other countries lies, says the group in a release published following its participation in Rabat in the 50th anniversary of the Moroccan parliament, noting that Morocco's parliamentary history has been incarnating, since the country's independence, Morocco's originality in the Maghreb and in The Arab world.

 For these European MPS, the multi-party system, the foundation of democracies, has been a reality in Morocco since the early days of independence, unlike Morocco's neighbors where the single party system and autocracy have been and are still prevailing.

 Appointing a head of government from among the majority is another victory of parliamentary democracy in Morocco and a new sign of the Moroccan exception within the Arab world, says the group which also commends the vibrant parliamentary life in Morocco and the ties between Moroccan and European MPs within joint parliamentary commission.

It's in both Morocco's and Europe's interests to carry on close relations between their legislative bodies to create a zone of economic and human exchanges, favor harmonious development in Morocco, deepen political and social democracy for all Moroccans and build an influent Mediterranean region, the release concluded

 The Moroccan parliament marked on Monday 50 years of existence with an international conference themed '50 years of parliamentary work in Morocco and development of parliamentary action in the world".