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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Washington Ties "In Progress": Moroccan FM

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Washington Ties

 Relations between Morocco and the United States are "on the path of progress" and are "positive", despite the slowness that marks them from time to time, Moroccan foreign minister Saad Dine El Otmani has said.

 "We need to build on the many positive points in relations with the United States in order to reduce the negative ones," said the minister, who addressed a seminar, Tuesday in Rabat, organised by "the Observatoire d’analyse des politiques" in collaboration with the" Center For Cross Cultural Learning".

    El Otmani recalled the free trade agreement (FTA) signed between Morocco and the USA and their bilateral strategic dialogue, noting that Morocco has benefited from FTAs with many countries, which has opened the way for large-scale foreign investments.

    These agreements have also enabled Morocco to upgrade some of its structures, integrate into the global economy and join the economically and politically open countries, he said.

    The minister stressed the important Moroccan presence in the United States, including the Moroccan community in this country, which is characterized by its integration in several U.S. institutions.