Thursday 27 January 2022

AU: Morocco Reiterates Commitment to African Solidarity to Eradicate COVID-19 Pandemic

AU: Morocco Reiterates Commitment to African Solidarity to Eradicate COVID-19 Pandemic

Morocco reiterated, Wednesday in Addis Ababa, its commitment to African solidarity to protect the continent and eradicate the pandemic of COVID-19, on the occasion of the 43rd session of the AU Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC), preparatory to the forthcoming sessions of the AU Executive Council and Summit, scheduled for 2 to 6 February in the Ethiopian capital.

"African solidarity is the only way to protect our Continent and contribute to mitigate and eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic, and Morocco is firmly committed to this principle," said Ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and UNECA, before this session which is taking place via video conference.

Arrouchi, who was speaking on the report on COVID-19 and its socio-economic impact on African economies, noted that this pandemic has demonstrated that when health is at risk, all sectors are at stake, and that there is no global security without health security.

"The report in front of us tells us that vaccination rates remain low, with at least 10% of the African population fully vaccinated, over 11% partially vaccinated, and 0.4% having received booster doses. These low numbers will have a negative impact on economic activity in our continent," the Moroccan diplomat lamented.

African economies "remain sensitive to the emergence of new variants and the inadequacy of vaccines, and this hinders any future progress. All these disruptions will hinder Africa's productive transformation and, consequently, the achievement of the African Union's Agenda 2063," Arrouchi noted.

"If health measures and the provision of protective masks and health equipment for all African populations remain a priority, it is now essential and mandatory to maintain our individual and collective efforts to provide us with the capacity to manufacture vaccines in Africa and to proceed with the vaccination of all our populations," he said.

"It is time to join our efforts to provide vaccines to our continent to achieve herd immunity, taking into account the global goal of vaccinating 70% of the African population. To this end, I would like to commend the tremendous work done by the African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT), since the outbreak of the pandemic," Arrouchi added.

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