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Friday 9 February 2018

Cold Wave and Snowfall: Exceptional Mobilization to Open Up 1205 Villages.

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Cold Wave and Snowfall: Exceptional Mobilization to Open Up 1205 Villages, Head of Govt.

All public authorities are mobilized to open up regions hit by heavy snowfall via the implementation of an intervention plan to weather the impact of the cold wave and snowfall, said on Thursday head of government Saâd Eddine El Othmani, noting that this plan involves 22 provinces, including 1205 villages under 169 communes, totalling a population of 514,000 inhabitants.

Speaking at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting, El Othmani said that an exceptional command post, chaired by the interior minister, is working in coordination with the governors, provincial authorities and several ministerial departments, including the ministry of transportation, equipment and logistics, the health ministry, the national education ministry, the royal gendarmerie, the auxiliary forces and the civil defence.

The top official recalled the royal instructions to reinforce the mobilization in all departments and make all efforts to assist citizens in the different zones which are witnessing heavy snowfall.

He also hailed the role played by all parties implicated in this difficult situation due to bad weather, adding that, despite these efforts, difficulties are persisting in some regions mainly due to the insufficient number of engines to remove snow.

These difficulties do not prevent us from intervening in conformity with a program elaborated by the authorities concerned by its implementation until the end of rain season, he said, adding that this program does not only comprise provisions for opening up such regions, but includes also initiatives related to the sectors of health and education among others.

In this regard, El Othmani said that health executives were mobilized with the participation of more than 600 doctors and 2000 nurses, in addition to training mobile medical teams to intervene in landlocked areas or other zones requiring intervention.