Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Visit Of Communication Minister To Russia

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The Visit Of Communication Minister To Russia

El Khalfi Meets In Moscow With Officials From Russian News Agency Rossia Segodnia

Communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi met, on Tuesday in Moscow, with deputy managing director of news agency Rossia Segodnia and other officials on prospects for establishing partnerships between the Russian agency, the Moroccan news agency MAP and Radio and TV company SNRT.

During this meeting, the minister reviewed the reform process carried out in Morocco since 2011, mainly in the communication sector, underlining the mutations witnessed in the radio, TV and press sectors in Morocco, notably in relation with the independence of public media outlets, the self-management of the profession and its supervision, in addition to the diversification of the media product and the upholding of ethics.


 The officials of the Russian agency voiced their will to cooperate with MAP mainly in terms of sharing information, adding that they agreed to make direct contacts between the two parties to examine the different aspects of this cooperation.

21 May 2014

Communication Minister Meets In Moscow With Russian Peer On Information Cooperation

Communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi met, on Tuesday in Moscow, with Russian peer Nikolaï Nikiforov on issues related to the press and communication sectors, as well as means to foster cooperation.

The two ministers examined updating the cooperation agreement between Morocco and Russia in the field of information to keep up with the technological evolution and broaden it to training in radio and television sectors, film coproduction and news agencies MAP and Russian Itar-Tass.

The two parties agreed to continue discussions leading to the signature of an updating project of this agreement which dates back to 2006.

The talks were also an occasion to explore new prospects for broadening bilateral cooperation to encompass human resources, exchange of visits, new information products and training policies by the two countries.

The Communication Minister reviewed actions taken to implement the provisions of the new Constitution relating to the media and especially the new press code, the law on the audiovisual, the copyright, the protection of intellectual property in addition to the supervision of electronic media.

MAP 20 May 2014