Tuesday 28 December 2021

Cooperation Agreement between Presidency of Public Prosecutor Office and Competition Council

Cooperation Agreement between Presidency of Public Prosecutor Office and Competition Council

A cooperation agreement aimed at fighting against all forms of anti-competitive practices through the strict application of the provisions of Law No. 104.12 on freedom of prices and competition was concluded, Monday in Rabat, between the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Competition Council.

Signed by the public prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, president of the Public Prosecutor's Office, El Hassan Daki, and president of the Competition Council, Ahmed Rahhou, this agreement provides for the strengthening of cooperation between the two parties through the exchange of expertise and experience in the areas of training, internship, coordination and consultation, to strictly ensure the proper implementation of the law, especially with regard to aspects related to the organization and management of investigations provided for by the law on freedom of prices and competition.

On this occasion, Daki stressed that this partnership is in harmony with the objectives of both parties, including those to ensure transparency and fairness in economic relations and maintain competitive public order, noting that the agreement reflects "an openness of the Public Prosecutor's Office on its external environment in order to cooperate with state institutions to achieve a better fight against some phenomena that hamper the development of the national economy".

For his part, Rahhou noted that this partnership, which is part of the efforts made by the institutions concerned to consolidate the values of transparency and equal opportunity in economic relations and protect the consumer and markets against anti-competitive practices, also provides for the establishment of a joint committee that will meet periodically to ensure coordination and the implementation of the provisions of the agreement.

MAP 27 December 2021