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Monday 4 May 2020

FranceSoir: Coronavirus.. Morocco's Management Model Impressive

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FranceSoir: Coronavirus.. Morocco's Management Model Impressive

Concerning the management of the Coronavirus epidemic, Morocco has become "a model" that "impresses" the international community, said FranceSoir.

"The COVID19 crisis allows the world to discover various management models. Many governments were overtaken by the coronavirus and its unpredictable repercussions. Morocco is doing well and even became a model", underlined the French e-newspaper in an article entitled "Covid 19: Morocco, awakening of the lion of the Atlas?."

According to FranceSoir, "Morocco impresses not only the international community, but also Moroccans", stressing that "this management is due to two factors: foreign experiences and the time factor on the one hand, and the modernization and digitalization of Moroccan institutions on the other hand.

In terms of managing the hospital and social impact of the pandemic, Morocco has "shown its human and solidarity-based side", said the newspaper which affirms that "the financing of the crisis has been without compromise". To finance the measures taken and equip the newly-created hospital units, a fund was set up and managed to raise three billion euros in few days.

As a result, and in record time, the number of intensive care beds was doubled, financed by the COVID19 fund. The national production of masks, uniforms and devices has enabled Morocco to achieve autonomy in this period of global shortage. In addition, hospital units were set up in few days, underlined FranceSoir.

Moroccan textile companies supported by the Ministry of Industry have been able to manufacture 5 million masks per day, meeting international standards. Others have designed respiratory equipment and some have specialized in disinfection for public hospitals and establishments. Finally, there are those who have been able to innovate with MIDAD, Intelligent Mask for Automatic Remote Detection of COVID19, stressed the newspaper.

In this successful management of the health crisis, education has not been left behind. Morocco has maintained the education system taking into account inequalities, the newspaper noted, adding that schools and universities provide remote learning and the issue of inequality was dealt with beforehand.

Another strong aspect of this successful management of the health crisis, "simple and clear information and media coverage without controversy," said FranceSoir, which noted that "Morocco has chosen to be transparent, not to give false hope and to simply state the situation as it is. 

FranceSoir highlighted the measures taken by Morocco to support the national economy and reassure the economic fabric, such as the postponement of loan and leasing maturity, partial unemployment, the postponement of tax declarations and payment, and the establishment of credit lines with a state guarantee.

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