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Thursday 19 March 2020

Coronavirus: Series of Measures for Salaried Employees and Companies

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Coronavirus: Series of Measures for Salaried Employees and Companies

Salaried Employees, very small amd medium enterprises, professional activities and taxation were at the heart of the measures agreed upon, Thursday in Rabat, following the second meeting of the Economic Monitoring Committee (CVE).

In a press statement following this meeting, Minister of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform Mohamed Benchaâboun said that measures were agreed upon on this occasion and are related to the social aspect for the staff who stopped working, the companies most affected by the crisis as well as the tax system.

Regarding employees, who are affiliated to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), they will benefit from a monthly fixed allowance of 2,000 dirhams net, family allowances and compulsory health insurance benefits (AMO), he noted, adding that this support will be provided by the Special Fund for the Coronavirus Pandemic Management.

These salaried employees will also benefit from the postponement of payment of the maturities of bank credits, namely consumer credit and purchaser credit, until next June 30, he said.

Regarding VSMEs and liberal professions in difficulty, the Minister said that the measures include the suspension of payment of social contributions until June 30, 2020, the establishment of a moratorium for the repayment of the maturities of banking credits and leasings until June 30 without payment of fees or penalties and the activation of an additional operating credit line granted by the banks and guaranteed by the Caisse centrale de garantie (CCG).

On the taxation aspect, it was agreed that companies with an annual turnover in 2019 of less than 20 million dirhams can, if they wish, benefit from a deferral of filing of tax declarations until at the end of June with a suspension of tax audits and ATD until June 30, 2020.

The third meeting of the CVE, scheduled for next Monday, will be devoted to examining a new series of measures which will be used for employees not affiliated with the CNSS and operating in the informal sector.

The Economic Monitoring Committee, coordinated by the Minister of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform, includes among its members notably the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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