Wednesday 6 May 2020

Covid-19: Launch of Phase V of SALAMA Operation for Women Survivors of Violence

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Covid-19: Launch of Phase V of SALAMA Operation for Women Survivors of Violence

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is launching, in close collaboration with the "100% Mamans" association, Phase V of the SALAMA operation aimed at supporting women survivors of violence, in the current context marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

This intervention supports the action of the association to defend and promote the human rights of most vulnerable women who live in a situation of social exclusion in the city of Tangier, said UNFPA in a press release, noting that "since the outbreak of the crisis, these women, faced with health risks and extreme precariousness, have found themselves unemployed and without income and have to face, alone, their responsibility as mothers".

In addition, the four private sector organizations BCSS Industrie, Lariconf, Larimode and SABAE, as well as the Darna association, joined the UNFPA and the "100% Mamans" association to strengthen and maintain essential care and support to these women, said the same source.

Thanks to this collaboration, "Salama Kits" for hygiene and prevention of Covid-19 will be made available to hundreds of women survivors of violence, including single mothers, migrant women, as well as women users of the association.

SALAMA Operation was launched on April 1 by UNFPA in close collaboration with institutional partners and civil society, in support of the response of the Moroccan government to the coronavirus pandemic.

The first phase concerned pregnant women and health professionals, in particular midwives. The other phases targeted people with disabilities, the elderly, migrants and prisoners in several regions of the Kingdom.

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