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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Covid-19: National Reproduction Rate Stabilizing Around 1.08%

Covid-19: National Reproduction Rate Stabilizing Around 1.08%

The reproduction rate of Covid-19 in Morocco is stabilizing around 1.08%, while it exceeds 1 in ten regions, an official from the ministry of Health said on Tuesday.

In his presentation of the bimonthly report on the epidemiological situation, the head of the communicable diseases division at the epidemiology and disease control department at the Ministry of Health, Abdelkrim Meziane Belfkih stressed that all regions of the Kingdom are making efforts and taking measures to reduce this rate to less than 1.

Morocco recorded "a record number" of cases of contamination exceeding 4,000 in a single day and this, three times in succession, as well as 73 cases of death for the first time in 24 hours, he recalled.

The number of coronavirus cases recorded until October 26 reached 199,745 cases, or 550 cases on average per 100,000 inhabitants, while the number of deaths climbed to 3,373 cases, that is a fatality rate of 1.7%, he said, adding that the recovery rate is around 83.1% with 165,922 recovered people.

Regarding fatalities, Meziane Belfkih said the death rate has increased by around 50% (from 499 during the first phase to 737 cases during the third phase).

During the last two weeks, the weekly incidence rate at the national level has risen from 51.7/100,000 inhabitants to 64.2/100,000 inhabitants, he said.

Regarding the weekly evolution of the number of tests, the official noted that the figures and indicators show that Morocco continues to hold the second place in Africa and the 31st at the global level, with more than 166,000 tests per week, i.e. a daily average of 23,700 tests, adding that the rate of positive tests shows an upward trend over the last two weeks, from 11% to 15.15%.

The bimonthly report of the ministry addressed the salient facts noted during the last two weeks in connection with the epidemiological situation, including the decision of the government relating to the reinforcement of the restrictive measures in the region of Casablanca-Settat after the strong increase in contamination and the application of stricter procedures by some regions, notably concerning the closing times of shopping centers.

On a continental and planetary level, Morocco ranks 32nd in the world and 2nd in Africa in terms of the number of contaminations, 36th globally and 3rd in Africa in terms of the number of deaths. It also ranks 31st at the international level and 2nd at the continental level in terms of number of tests.

In the same context, Meziane Belfkih insisted on the importance of respecting preventive health measures which are likely to curb the spread of the virus, in particular the wearing of face masks, social distancing and the use of Wiqaytna application.

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