Thursday 26 June 2014

EU, AfDB Pledge To Support Morocco's Efforts To Reform Basic Health Coverage

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EU, AfDB Pledge To Support Morocco's Efforts To Reform Basic Health Coverage

     The European Union (EU) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) expressed on Wednesday their commitment to supporting Morocco's efforts to reform basic medical coverage.

   "The EU will continue to support Morocco in its efforts to launch reforms and public policies that promote equitable access of the Moroccan population to basic services and social protection," said EU Ambassador, Rupert Joy, in a speech at a meeting on basic medical coverage in Rabat.

   "The EU considers, a priority in its cooperation with Morocco, supporting the ongoing reforms in the field of health and medical coverage that can be technically complex, politically sensitive, but that meet basic social needs, especially for socially disadvantaged citizens," he said.

    For his part, Yacine Fal, AfDB Resident Representative in Morocco, reaffirmed the readiness of the bank and its commitment to continuing its support, through its interventions as a technical and financial partner, for the efforts of the country to improve the living conditions of the people of the Kingdom.

   "We welcome the partnership with the European Union to continue the necessary support to reform health coverage in Morocco since 2002, when the first phase of the program to support medical coverage (PARCOUM I) was put in place," she said.

   Welcoming the efforts of the Kingdom to ensure access of all Moroccans to health care, Fal called for greater efforts to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas.

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