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Monday 25 May 2020

European Innovation Fair "Euroinvent" in Romania: Morocco Wins Three Gold Medals

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European Innovation Fair

Morocco won three gold medals at the European Innovation Fair "Euroinvent" held remotely at the city of Iasi in Romania from May 21 to 23.

Morocco, through the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI), has been awarded these three gold medals for its flagship inventions "Genius water pipeline for buildings", "Smart Micro-wind for Highway" and "Smart Hospital Management," said an EMSI press release on Saturday.

The invention "Micro Hydro-Aeolian Production for A Position Energy building", which was awarded a gold medal, is a solution of electrical energy source at the level of motorways or others, through the introduction of a system merging two types of wind turbines and allowing the transformation and the use of the air current energy, noted the same source.

The invention "An intelligent, Efficient and digit hospital Management Ecosystem", which was also awarded a gold medal in this competition, aims to give an auxiliary source solution of positive electrical energy in buildings through the introduction of a hybrid system composed of three blocks allowing the collection, transformation and exploitation of watrer or wind energy.

As for the project "A smart micro wind System For an Auxiliary Electrical Energy Production", which was also awarded a gold medal in the fair, it is an invention concerning an ecosystem of intelligent hospital management for a patient in critical situation.

In addition, the President of EMSI Kamal Daissaoui was made an officer of the Order of Science and Innovation at this International Fair.

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