Thursday 28 December 2023

Fez Sufi Culture Festival Unveils Program for 2024 Edition

Fez Sufi Culture Festival Unveils Program for 2024 Edition

In a celebration of spiritual enlightenment and cultural diversity, the Fez Festival of Sufi Culture is gearing up for its much-anticipated 16th edition, scheduled to run from April 20 to April 27, 2024. Organized by the same-named Association, this year's event promises an immersive experience for attendees, blending profound discussions, mesmerizing performances, and captivating exhibitions.

The festival's theme, "Know Thyself" sets the tone for an exploration of the intersection between spirituality and artistic expression. The opening night will feature an enchanting performance bearing the title "Religion of Love" led by renowned artists Fatimzahra Qortobi and Abdelkader Ghayt, complemented by a soul-stirring recitation from Sophia Hadi.

One of the highlights of the event is a series of round-table discussions where philosophers, scientists, and mystics will engage in thought-provoking debates on diverse cultural and philosophical questions. The festival aims to foster dialogue and understanding, bringing together intellects from various disciplines to explore the profound connections between spirituality and human existence.

Musical enthusiasts can anticipate a series of captivating concerts by globally acclaimed artists. The lineup includes the soulful Fatou Mint Enghdey from Mauritania, the virtuoso cellist Aurélien Pascal from France, and a special collaboration between Moroccan Maraoune Hajji and Tanzanian artist Yahua Hussein Abdallah. These performances are set to create an atmosphere where music becomes a conduit for spiritual elevation.

In line with tradition, the festival will showcase various exhibitions, adding an artistic dimension to the cultural celebration. Notable among them is a calligraphy exhibition by the talented Sami Ali and the unveiling of "Letter and Light," featuring the works of Benjamin Beni (photographer), Fatima-Zahra Sanhaji (poetess), and Jamal Nassiri (Oud player).

As the sun sets over Fez each day, the festival will transition into "Ritual" evenings, featuring captivating performances by Hamadcha, in addition to Wazzani, Qadiri-Butchichi and Sherqawi tariqas. These ritualistic performances will showcase the diverse Sufi traditions, adding a profound spiritual experience to the festival.

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