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Wednesday 8 January 2020

Foreign Minister : Deeply Concerned, Morocco Expresses Rejection of Any Foreign Intervention in Libya

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Foreign Minister : Deeply Concerned, Morocco Expresses Rejection of Any Foreign Intervention in Libya

The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its deep concern over the military escalation in Libya and rejects any foreign intervention, including military intervention, in the Libyan issue, regardless of its foundations, motives and actors, said on Tuesday Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of a Consulate General of the Republic of The Gambia in Dakhla.

Foreign interventions have only complicated the situation in Libya, distanced the prospects for a political solution in the country, worsened internal conflicts and threatened peace and security in the Maghreb region as a whole, underlined Bourita during a joint press briefing with his Gambian counterpart Mamadou Tangara.

"There is no military solution to the conflict in Libya. The resolution of this conflict can only be political and consists of a consensus between the various Libyan factions within the framework of the supreme interest of Libya and the Libyan people", he said.

Bourita said that this political solution goes through a transitional stage according to the provisions of the Skhirat Political Agreement and the consolidation of this agreement and its improvement if necessary, noting that Libya cannot be transformed into a political "business" at the service of diplomatic conferences and meetings, instead of serving the vital needs of the Libyan people in terms of peace and security.

The responsibility of the international community is to support Libya in the political agreement process and to keep it away from the negotiations of foreign agendas which do not take into account the supreme interest of the Libyan people.

The Kingdom of Morocco calls, once again, for the proper evaluation, restraint and respect for the territorial integrity of Libya and the interest of the Libyan people, concluded the minister.

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