Tuesday 13 August 2013

Genocide trial unveils Polisario human rights abuses

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Genocide trial unveils Polisario human rights abuses

Human rights violation committed by the Polisario were unveiled Monday by witnessed during a trial at the Spanish highest criminal court, "Audiencia Nacional".

Dahi Aguai, president of the association of missing persons, himself a victim of these acts and Saadani Malainine, also a victim, have described to the Audiencia Nacional judge how they were tortured and submitted to the most despicable abuses.

    Over thirty Polisario leaders are facing charges of "genocide, torture, forced disappearance, illegal detention and serious human rights violations".

      Aguai who still bears torture scars told reporters he explained to the judge that victims have faced the most odious degrading and inhumane practices while Saadani Malainine, daughter of the late El Wali Seikh Slama, stressed "it is a historic day for the Polisario victims who have endured the plight of the Tindouf camps and who want the Spanish and international public opinion to be aware that inhumane practices are still the rule in these camps."

  Saadani Malainine who was deported to Cuba when she was 5 said she unveiled before the judge abuses that she and her family faced as the father was tortured under her innocent eyes by the so-called "information minister" of the puppet Sahara republic, Sid Ahmed Batal.