Monday 23 May 2022

Government Council to Convene on Thursday

Government Council to Convene on Thursday

The Council of Government will convene on Thursday under the chairmanship of Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch.

At the beginning, the Council will examine four draft decrees, the first of which extending the validity of the state of health emergency throughout the country, as part of efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, said a statement from the Department of the Head of Government released on Monday.

The second draft decree implements the law on the system of compulsory health insurance (AMO) and the law establishing a pension scheme for the categories of professionals, self-employed and non-salaried persons exercising a liberal activity, for the owners of fishing boats, except those subject to the social security system, adds the same source.

The third draft amends and supplements the decree on the implementation of these laws for traders and artisans holding accounts, while the fourth draft decree amends that on the creation of the industrial zone Bouknadel, continues the statement.

The Council will complete its work by examining proposals for appointment to high office, in accordance with the provisions of Article 92 of the Constitution.

The government will hold, after the Council of Government, a special meeting devoted to the consideration of proposed legislation, concludes the statement.

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