Thursday 1 September 2016

Government Spokesman Praises 'Positive', 'Honorable' Governmen Record

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Government Spokesman Praises 'Positive', 'Honorable' Governmen Record

Communication Minister, Government Spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi praised, here Thursday, the "positive" and "honorable" record of the government.

   Speaking at a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting, the minister cited the implementation of the Constitution, the launch of the regionalization process, the reform of the judicial sector and the pension plans, in addition to the "rescue" of the National Electricity Office (ONE).

    In this regard, he pointed out that the reform of the pension plans will allow 400,000 pensioners to continue receiving their pensions, adding that the plan to "rescue" ONE "has guaranteed the sustainability of the water and electricity supply to more than 7 million households".

   He also underscored the consolidation of public finances moving from a fiscal deficit of 7.2 pc to 3.5 pc and a current account deficit of the payment balance from 9.5 pc in 2012 to less than 2 pc, noting that "Morocco will not be threatened by the management of its finances by the World Bank."

   The Minister also recalled the increase of the Interprofessional guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG) and the minimum retirement pension, the implementation of financial commitments from the different rounds of social dialogue, as well as the launch of a development model based on industrialization through the launch of a strategy of industrial development acceleration, which has allowed for the creation of 160,000 jobs in two years.

   Thanks to its stability, legal and institutional reforms and the efforts of the government, Morocco has attracted foreign investments of around 146 billion dirhams over four years, compared to 114 billion in the preceding years, which has enabled the creation of 417,000 jobs, he stressed.

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