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Thursday 12 March 2020

Head of government : Coronavirus Requires Serious Response without Excess or Panic

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Head of government : Coronavirus Requires Serious Response without Excess or Panic

The Coronavirus epidemic requires a response with seriousness but without excess or panic to avoid harming the interests of citizens, the economy and the country as a whole, said, on Thursday in Rabat, Saâd Dine El Otmani.

In a speech at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting, El Otmani said that the Kingdom, pursuant to the high directives of HM King Mohammed VI, and in perfect coordination with the World health Organization (WHO), takes this issue "seriously", noting in this regard the establishment of a National Steering Committee composed of various stakeholders who meet regularly and promptly when necessary in order to take "efficient, direct and fast" measures.

On the basis of regional and international developments, and taking into account the epidemiological development of the disease in our country, which is still in its first stage, the necessary measures will be taken at the appropriate time, he explained.

El Otmani called on all citizens to show understanding regarding the tightening of control at airports, ports and at the various land entry points, noting that the organization of such control operations at border crossings depends, as it is the case around world, on the epidemiological situation of the travelers' country of origin.

The head of government also lauded the important contribution of the monitoring and surveillance committee of the Ministry of Health and the scientific committee made up of experts who are monitoring the situation.

"The Epidemiological Monitoring and Surveillance Committee is closely supervising the situation and all those who have been in contact with the coronavirus confirmed cases have been identified and are being followed up by the health authorities," he said.

In addition to general precautions, everyone must respect the prevention measures listed in the spots broadcast by the Ministry of Health, El Otmani went on to say.

In view of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the global economy and some partner countries of Morocco, the head of government underlined the importance of the decision to set up a strategic monitoring committee which includes, in addition to the government and the CGEM, several other economic and financial partners.

The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform had already announced the launch of this committee which will study and monitor the impact of the coronavirus on the country's economy and on various sectors, recalling that the government which receives various correspondences from economic and professional actors who wonder about the evolution of the situation, will take, after a thorough examination, the appropriate measures in this situation, he recalled.

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