Tuesday 20 February 2024

His Majesty the King Has Continuously Stressed Close Link between Economic Growth and Social Justice (Upper House Speaker)

His Majesty the King Has Continuously Stressed Close Link between Economic Growth and Social Justice

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has constantly stressed, in His Royal Speeches and Messages, the close link between "economic growth and social justice and cohesion", said, on Monday in Rabat, speaker of the House of Councillors, Enaam Mayara, noting that one of the most advanced forms of social protection is that which involves creating jobs and guaranteeing dignity.

Speaking at the opening of the 8th International Parliamentary Forum on Social Justice, held under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Mayara said that issues such as gender equality and the fight against discrimination in the workplace, the eradication of child labor, the right of people with special needs to decent employment, and the restructuring of the informal sector are at the heart of the Sovereign's concerns, and are central to the Kingdom's constitutional and conventional commitments.

In this regard, Mayara noted that the preamble to the 2011 Constitution enshrined the country's irreversible choice to consolidate the foundations of a cohesive society in which everyone can enjoy security, freedom, dignity, parity, equal opportunities, social justice and a decent life, within a framework of respect for the close link between citizens' rights and obligations.

In the same vein, the speaker of the House of Councillors pointed out that the Fundamental Law also stipulates that the public authorities work to create the conditions to guarantee the freedom and equality of citizens, as well as their participation in political, economic, cultural and social life. According to Mayara, it also reaffirms commitments to the protection of economic, social and cultural rights for different categories of the population, with the aim of achieving inclusive social justice.

For Mayara, the 8th International Parliamentary Forum on Social Justice highlights the correlation and complementarity between decent work and sustainable development in line with international and national standards and Goal 8 of the SDGs, which aims to promote sustained, shared and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

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