Thursday 11 October 2018

Since its creation, the BIJ has dismantled 57 terrorist cells: Head of BCIJ

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Since its creation, the BIJ has dismantled 57 terrorist cells: Head of BCIJ

The Central Bureau of Judiciary Investigations (BCIJ) has dismantled, since its creation, 57 terrorist cells, including 8 cells in 2018, Director of BCIJ, Abdelhak Khiame, said.

These figures bring the total number of the dismantled cells in Morocco, since 2002, to 183 structures that projected terrorist actions in the Kingdom, Khiame pointed out in an interview with MAP.

These counterterrorism actions led to the arrest of more than 3,129 people, 292 of whom had a criminal record, Khiame said in an interview with the MAP, noting that 361 terror actions have been foiled, including some projects that were targeting “sensitive sites in the Kingdom".

Morocco spares no effort in sharing its counter-terrorism experience with partner countries at the regional and international levels, he said, noting that several African, European and Asian countries, in addition to Australia, have expressed their wish to take advantage of the Moroccan experience in this area.

This experience is based on a multidimensional approach that includes several aspects: security, education, fight against precariousness and fight against extremist ideology through the promotion of the values of moderate Islam, Khiame added.

 "Under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco has put in place an effective multidimensional approach in the fight against the scourge of terrorism and has become a model for other countries," he pointed out.

Regarding the fight against organized crime, Khiame said that 167 people have been arrested since 2015, including 74 people arrested in 2015, 61 in 2016, 32 in 2017 and 22 until early October 2018, including a Brazilian national.

MAP 11 October 2018