Thursday 1 June 2023

Jewel of North Africa, Morocco is one of the Trendiest Destinations for Tourists in 2023

Jewel of North Africa, Morocco is one of the Trendiest Destinations for Tourists in 2023

Morocco, the 'Jewel in North Africa's crown', is one of the trendiest destinations for tourists in 2023, according to North American specialized Website "Travel off Path".

In an article by Vinicius Costa, the website states that Morocco has risen to prominence as one of the trendiest for Western visitors due to its excellent infrastructure, stunning natural scenery, and world-class city breaks.

Noting that the North African country witnesses historical growth in tourism in 2023, the writer underlines that according to data released by the Tourism Ministry, up to 2.9 million tourists arrived in Morocco in the first quarter of 2023, a 17 percent increase compared to 2019 and a whopping 464 percent rise over 2022.

The website states also that Western visitors mainly Spanish, British, Italian and American are back to Morocco en masse, drawn to its boundless cultural wealth and attractive prices.

“Morocco’s openness to tourism and facilitated travel are not the only reasons it keeps growing in popularity”, the source states, adding that Morocco is a historic state boasting a rich ancient past intertwined with that of Southern Europe.

“One of the most famous cities to emerge as economic, cultural, and political centers, Marrakesh is a beautiful maze of sandstone buildings, madrasas, and charming cafes bustling with trade day and night”, the website indicates, noting that other 'imperial’ cities you shouldn’t miss on a visit to Morocco include Fez, the largest medina and pedestrianized urban zone in the world; Meknes, home to lush green, Mediterranean-style gardens and a Sultan’s mausoleum; and Rabat, the country’s surprisingly developed capital.

“Travel off Path”, which is one of the independent travel information sites in the world that attracts more than 3 million views per month, also highlights the natural wealth that distinguishes Morocco, from the coastal line to the desert through the mountainous regions.


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