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Wednesday 13 January 2021

Major Polish Companies Wish to Invest in Morocco's Southern Provinces

Major Polish Companies Wish to Invest in Morocco's Southern Provinces

Major Polish companies operating in various economic sectors have decided to invest in Morocco, particularly in the Southern Provinces.

During a working session Wednesday in Warsaw with Morocco's Ambassador to Poland, Abderrahim Atmoun, several Polish stakeholders expressed their wish to visit Morocco's Southern Provinces and materialize their decision to invest in the region.

In a declaration signed on this occasion, the companies voiced their admiration for Morocco's strategy for economic development, especially at the regional level.

During this meeting, Morocco's Ambassador outlined investment opportunities offered by Kingdom's Southern Provinces, which have become the perfect investment sport thanks to multiple tax and geography benefits.

The diplomat stressed Morocco's position as a relay point between Europe and Africa but also as land for investment offering attractive advantages to companies from around the world.

The working session was attended by Zbigniew Szkopek, Chairman of the Executive Board of ALUMAST, a company specialized in composite supporting structures: electric, lighting and telecommunication poles, Piotr Gapanowicz, Vice-President of EV Charge company (charging infrastructure for electric cars), Tomasz Gutkowski, member of the Supervisory Board of KZWM Ogniochron (fire-fighting equipment and materials).

In a statement on this occasion, Szkopek said ALUMAST wants to invest in the southern provinces and share its experience with Moroccan partners.

EV Charge Vice-president described Morocco's southern provinces as a gateway for Polish companies, but also for European ones in terms of investment and transfer of expertise in Africa.

Echoing Gapanowicz, representative of law firm RJ &Partners Robert Jedrzejczyk said that the southern provinces offer tremendous investment and development opportunities for Polish companies.

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