Friday 1 March 2024

Morocco to Carry Out 2024 Military Service Census until April 29

Morocco to Carry Out 2024 Military Service Census until April 29

In an official announcement on Friday, the Minister of the Interior revealed the initiation of the military service census operation for the year 2024. The process, set to conclude on April 29th, calls for the participation of eligible young individuals across the nation.

According to the Minister, young people who have received notifications to complete the military service census form are instructed to utilize the designated electronic platform ( before the looming deadline. The efficient completion of this crucial step is vital, as underscored in the official statement from the Ministry of the Interior.

Both young men and women interested in volunteering for military service during the current year are encouraged to fill out the requisite form on the specified website. The submission period is slated to run from March 1st to April 29th, 2024, as outlined by the Minister.

In a further directive, the Minister of the Interior highlighted the importance of expedited action for those seeking exemption from military service, based on reasons stipulated by the law. Individuals with such intentions are urged to submit their exemption requests promptly, with a deadline of April 29th.

The Minister emphasized that exemption requests must be accompanied by necessary documentation proving the grounds for exemption. These documents should be submitted to local administrative authorities or the relevant headquarters of the province, prefecture, or district where the individual resides.

Furthermore, the Minister disclosed that exemption requests would undergo thorough examination by provincial committees. Decisions on exemption will be promptly rendered immediately after the conclusion of the census process, as clarified by official sources.

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