Wednesday 15 March 2023

Morocco Dismantles in Vienna Slander of Algeria, Producer and Initiator of Several Drug Traffics

Morocco Dismantles in Vienna Slander of Algeria, Producer and Initiator of Several Drug Traffics

Morocco has dismantled, Tuesday before the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna, the slanders spread by Algeria, a country yet producer, actor and initiator of several kinds of drug and narcotics trafficking.

Speaking during the debate of the general segment at the 66th CND, Morocco's Ambassador Permanent Representative in Vienna, Azzeddine Farhane, blasted the accusations "as unfounded as ridiculous", made by Algeria's ambassador, who devoted his statement before this assembly to slander Morocco.

He noted that the Algerian chronicle "is too often defrayed by scandals and other miscellaneous facts that unequivocally attest that Algeria is not a victim of drug trafficking from abroad, as it vainly tries to make believe."

"Algeria is rather producer, actor and initiator of several trafficking in drugs and narcotics of various kinds," said Farhane, recalling that the Moroccan authorities have seized, for the year 2022 alone, some 2,838,069 units of psychotropic substances from, mainly, Algeria, an increase of 75% compared to 2021.

"Algeria has always accustomed to this posture of victimization in its relationship with Morocco, so much so that any evil that affects Algeria is systematically attributed to Morocco," said the diplomat, noting that this "fixation" on Morocco "proceeds from a sick and grotesque obsession.

"It is, in fact, a shameless and obsolete propaganda to which Algeria resorts, recurrently, to divert local and international public opinion from the real problems that plague this neighboring country," he argued.

In this sense, Farhane recalled that Algeria has unilaterally broken its diplomatic relations with Morocco and that the Moroccan-Algerian border is closed for over a quarter of a century.

The Algerian authorities have, moreover, taken all measures to seal this border by digging deep trenches and erecting walls, and these provisions are supported, moreover, by an over-militarization of its border areas, he said.

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