Wednesday 14 August 2013

Morocco moved and dismayed, deplores human losses in Egypt, Foreign Affairs ministry

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Morocco moved and dismayed, deplores human losses in Egypt, Foreign Affairs ministry

Following information about the death of a number of Egyptian protesters in Cairo, the Kingdom of Morocco expresses its emotion and dismay, and condemns the loss of human lives, a statement by the foreign affairs ministry said on Wednesday.

It added that Morocco deems that only dialogue can lead all parties to making the compromises necessary for a political solution, driven by the higher interest of the Egyptian people.

 Morocco expresses, in this difficult circumstances, its solidarity with the Egyptian people and hopes that this big brotherly nation recovers, swiftly and with sovereign power, political stability and social peace, it concluded.

Unrest in Egypt: Morocco condemns human losses whether civilians or among law enforcement officers, official

The Kingdom of Morocco, moved and dismayed, condemns losses of human lives, whether civilians or among law enforcement officers in Egypt, minister delegate for foreign affairs Youssef Amrani said on Thursday.

In an interview on the situation in Egypt with US TV channel CNN, Amrani insisted on the importance of preserving national unity and stability in Egypt to avoid chaos and regional unrest, especially as the US administration is trying to revive the peace process in the Middle-East.

 It is of paramount importance for Egypt to find a political solution based on dialogue and trust and which takes into account all segments of the Egyptian society, the minister said, adding that building democracy is a long process that can be achieved only through dialogue, respect for others and within an inclusive approach.

 Asked about the Moroccan democratic experience, Amrani described it as unique, underlining that it is based on universal values, as well as on the intrinsic respect for its spiritual values and attachment to principles of dialogue and the spirit of compromise.