Friday 20 December 2013

Morocco Unveils Criteria For Exceptional Regularization Of Illegal Immigrants

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Morocco Unveils Criteria For Exceptional Regularization Of Illegal Immigrants

A joint memo by the Ministry of the interior and the ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad and migrants affairs, released this Thursday, outlines eligibility criteria for illegal immigrants in Morocco to obtain legal stay documents in the Kingdom during the exceptional operation of regularization of illegal immigrants to be held from January 02 through December 31, 2014, in accordance with the instructions of HM King Mohammed VI for a new migration policy.

The memo, which outlines eligibility criteria for each of the immigrants category, application documents, administrations in charge of studying applications and the required procedure notes that this operation will concern various categories of aliens living in Morocco, namely spouses of Moroccan nationals, spouses of Moroccans living in a regular situation in Morocco, foreigners who have valid work contracts, those who have been living in Morocco for five year and foreigners suffering from a serious disease.

Applications will be submitted to the "office of foreigners" opened at every prefecture and province and will be examined by a commission that meets on a regular basis and delivers, in a period not exceeding two months after the application was filed, a positive or negative answer to the application.

Applicants whose files were turned down have the possibility to re-apply at a national appeal commission.

Applicants who are notified a positive reply will be delivered one-year registration cards.