Thursday 1 February 2024

Morocco's Central Census Commission Defines Criteria for Military Service in 2024

Morocco's Central Census Commission Defines Criteria for Military Service in 2024

The Central Commission for Military Service Census convened a crucial meeting on Thursday in Rabat to establish the criteria for determining individuals eligible to fulfill military service obligations in the upcoming year, according to an official statement from the Minister of the Interior.

The Minister announced that the military service census operation for the year 2024 is set to commence on March 1, 2024, and will conclude on April 29, 2024. The Minister of the Interior, in compliance with legal provisions governing military service, informed the public about the meeting's outcomes.

Chaired by the President of the Chamber at the Court of Cassation, the Central Commission played a pivotal role in defining the criteria for compiling lists of individuals required to complete the census form for military service in 2024.

This strategic initiative aligns with the High Instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, the Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR). These instructions emphasize the adoption of necessary measures for the integration of the next batch of conscripts into military service scheduled for September 2024.

During the meeting, the Central Commission established essential criteria to determine the number of individuals eligible to fill out the census form based on the census data meticulously compiled by the Ministry of the Interior. In the subsequent phases, lists of individuals called to perform military service will be finalized, categorized according to prefectures, provinces, and arrondissement prefectures.

The prefectures, provinces, and arrondissement prefectures nationwide will be responsible for printing census notices and notifying the concerned parties. This will enable individuals to fill out the census form conveniently through the official electronic platform The census is scheduled to be open for submissions from March 1, 2024, to April 29, 2024.

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