Wednesday 20 December 2017

Over 84,000 Foreigners Live in Morocco, HCP

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Over 84,000 Foreigners Live in Morocco, HCP

The number of foreigners residing in Morocco reached in 2014 a total of 84,001 inhabitants, that is a proportion of 0.25% of the total Moroccan population, said the High Commission for Planning (HCP) in a note.

The foreign population in Morocco posted an increase of 32,566 foreigners compared to 2004, that is an overall growth rate of 63.3%, according to this note issued on the occasion of the international migrants day.

According to HCP, 95.2% of the foreign population is established in urban areas (79,988 foreigners) against 4.8% (4,013 foreigners) in rural areas, with a slight domination of the male sex (47,484 men against 36,517 women).

The foreign population is relatively older than the Moroccan one. 17.8% are under 15 versus 28.2% for the Moroccan population, 66.5% between 15 and 59, compared to 62.4% and 15.7% are aged 60 and over, compared to 9.4%.

A proportion of 40% (33,615) of foreigners are Europeans, 41.6% (34,966) are Africans, 31,9% (11,142) are from the Maghreb, 15,2% (12,771) are from Asia and 3,2% (2,649) come from other continents, the same source said.