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Tuesday 4 May 2021

PCNS: 10th "Strategic Dialogues" Opens

PCNS: 10th

The 10th edition of the "Strategic Dialogues", organized by the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) in Rabat and the HEC Center for Geopolitics in Paris, opened on Tuesday in the format of webinar.

The two themes of this new edition, "Power rivalries in Africa" ​​and "Africa facing terrorism", will be at the heart of the debates in which experts and researchers from the North and the South will participate.

The biannual meeting will take place in two stages, with a global theme in the morning, and a more regional theme in the afternoon, as is the custom in "Strategic Dialogues".

Since 2016, the PCNS and the HEC Center for Geopolitics have been organizing two editions of "Strategic Dialogues" every year.

This exchange platform brings together experts, researchers representing different think-tanks, academics and practitioners, in addition to political decision-makers to debate major geopolitical and security issues at the international level, as well as issues of common importance for Europe and Africa.

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