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Tuesday 30 November 2021

Promotion of Education and Integration Mechanisms Dedicated to Women, Major Aspect of NMD Proposals (Minister)

Promotion of Education and Integration Mechanisms Dedicated to Women, Major Aspect of NMD Proposals

The promotion of education, training, integration, support and funding mechanisms dedicated to women, is among the proposals of the New Development Model (NMD) to enable women to be self-sufficient, and to strengthen gender equality, said Monday in Marrakech, Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports.

Among these proposals are the fight against social constraints that hinder any participation of women, the promotion of values of equality and equity and their popularization and the fight against all forms of violence towards women, with particular emphasis on the consolidation of their rights and this, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and religious principles, added the minister who was speaking at a two-day communication meeting, devoted to the presentation of the results of a study-diagnosis on the marriage of minors, organized by the presidency of the public prosecutor's office, in partnership with UNICEF.

"With regard to education and training and as part of the contribution to efforts to combat violence against women and early marriage of girls through the activation of the law on the obligation of basic education to fight school dropout, the Ministry implemented strategic projects related to the application of the provisions of the framework law 51-17 implemented in August 2019 as a national commitment illustrating the importance and place of the education and training system in the achievement of the societal project in our country and the related roles in the training of tomorrow's citizens," explained Benmoussa.

He added that among the measures taken and that the expected reform aims to consolidate are the strengthening and expansion of the network of educational support, ensuring the quality of schooling in rural areas, the generalization of schooling for rural girls, the reinforcement and the generalization of the programs of the financial and social support conditioned for the benefit of the families, the development and the promotion of the psychological support and the cells of mediation and their generalization, the implementation of awareness, incentive, psychological and social support programs for the apprentices in an attempt to spare them school drop-out.

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