Monday 20 May 2013

Reforms Spearheaded By HM The King Make Of Morocco A Unique Governance Model In The Mediterranean (Official)

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Reforms Spearheaded By HM The King Make Of Morocco A Unique Governance Model In The Mediterranean (Official)

Moroccan delegate- minister for foreign affairs and cooperation, Youssef Amrani, stressed that the bold reforms spearheaded by HM King Mohammed VI are making of Morocco a unique governance model in the Mediterranean and a privileged partner of Europe, said Morocco's delegate-minister of foreign affairs and cooperation, Youssef Amrani, on Friday in Lisbon.

Speaking during a conference themed "Morocco, a strategic partner (Housing, construction and tourism), the official underlined that Morocco, which is Portugal's closest Atlantic neighbor, is a vibrant partner thanks to political, economic, social and cultural reforms taking place in a mutating regional and international context.

Of Morocco's relations with Europe, Amrani said the Kingdom was granted an "advanced status" in its relations with the EU and was the first non-European country to adhere in July 2009, to the Council of Europe's North-South center.

The conference was held in the presence of Portuguese foreign minister, Paulo Portas and Morocco's minister of housing, urbanism and urban policy, Mohamed Nabil Benabdallah. 

The Moroccan parliament was also made in June 2011 a partner for democracy, elected in the same year non-permanent member state of the UN Security Council, and was made recently chairman of the Inter-parliamentary union.


He also stressed that Morocco and Portugal are great and old nations that succeeded, over centuries, to weave strong ties, recalling that over 34 weekly flights are servicing the two countries and that over 200 Portuguese enterprises are present in Morocco.

"We are convinced of the vital need to move forward in our cooperation on the basis of win-win innovating partnership commensurate to changes and headways going on in our countries, in the region and in the world," he said.

He added that Morocco wants to further expand its presence in the European market to eventually set forth a Morocco-European economic space.