Saturday 12 March 2016

The Official Visit Of HM The King Mohammed VI To Russia

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The Official Visit Of HM The King Mohammed VI To Russia

HM the King and Russian President Chair Signing Ceremony of Several Cooperation Agreements

HM King Mohammed VI and Russia president Vladimir Putin chaired, Tuesday in the Kremlin, the signing ceremony of several bilateral cooperation agreements in various fields.

   The first agreement covers extradition between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Russian Federation, while the second is an agreement on air services.


   The third agreement is a cooperation agreement in the fields of environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources, while the fourth agreement covers cooperation in sea fisheries.


   The fifth is an agreement on the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments, while the sixth agreement covers the mutual protection of classified information in the military and military-technical fields.


   The seventh one is a declaration on the fight against international terrorism.


   As part of the official visit paid by HM King Mohammed VI to Russia, the two countries signed these agreements:


  - A memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the energy field.


   - A memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of geological research and exploration of the subsoil.


   - A memorandum of understanding between Morocco's National Health Security Office of Foodstuffs (ONSSA) and Russia's Federal Agency for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.


   - A memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of veterinary supervision.


   - A joint action program for 2016-2018 in the field of tourism.


   - A memorandum of understanding on cooperation between Morocco's Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Russia's Central Religious Organization (Shura Council of Russian Muftis).


   - A framework partnership agreement between the National Foundation of Museums and Moscow Kremlin's Museums.


   - A framework agreement on cooperation between the National Foundation of Museums (Morocco) and the Hermitage Museum (Russian Federation).


   - A protocol for exchanging information on the movement of goods and vehicles between Morocco and the Russian Federation.


    The signing ceremony was attended by members of the Russian government and the official delegation accompanying HM the King.
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Sahara: Russia, Morocco against any Violation of UN Security Council Parameters

The Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Morocco are against any violation of the UN Security Council resolutions regarding the settlement of the Sahara issue.
"The Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Morocco do not support any temptation to accelerate or haste the political process, nor any violation of the parameters defined in the Security Council resolutions" to find a solution to the Sahara issue, said the "Declaration on the deep strategic partnership between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Morocco" issued Tuesday in Moscow on the occasion of the official visit of HM King Mohammed VI.
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National Interest Highlights Geostrategic Importance of HM the King's visit to Russia

The official visit that HM king Mohammed VI is paying to Russia will have geostrategic impact, especially on efforts aimed at maintaining peace and supporting democratic institutions, the US magazine The National Interest, specialized in geo-strategic and security issues, wrote on Tuesday.

    There is also a strong possibility that the imminent encounter between Putin and the Sovereign could prove beneficial to American and international security interests, the US paper noted, adding that Moscow and Rabat established political arrangements at the United Nations that reduced the intensity of ideological contest between East and West in North Africa.

    There are three areas in particular in which Russia and Morocco could potentially develop joint projects the value of which goes beyond the bilateral relationship, the magazine added.

    The first concerns the future of Libya, now a civil war–torn failed state with an ISIS enclave within rowboat range of southern Europe, the US paper pointed out, adding that Morocco, which hosted several rounds of UN-brokered peace talks among Libya’s warring factions last year, is invested in the country’s future, and a credible broker of international assistance for its rehabilitation.

    The second area of potential cooperation concerns the international threat of Islamist radicalism, the magazine pointed out, adding that HM King Mohammed VI has crafted training programs for foreign imams seeking to counter extremist teachings themselves.

    Finally, the paper added, Morocco can encourage Russia to play a greater role in the economic development of North Africa, as "opportunities to help build up the Moroccan south as an international gateway to the continent are only the beginning."
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Russia-Morocco: Economic Partnership Moves up a Gear

The creation on Monday of a new economic council with the aim of promoting relations between Morocco and Russia will give a new impetus to the economic partnership between the two countries.

    The creation of this council, which was announced on the occasion of a meeting held in Moscow on the sidelines of the official visit of HM King Mohammed VI to Russia, will enable private operators in the two countries develop their relations.

    Speaking on this occasion, chairwoman of employers' association CGEM Miriem Bensaleh-Cheqroun said that the creation of this economic council aims at strengthening the strategic partnership between Morocco and Russia, noting that the Kingdom offers several opportunities to Russian investors, especially in industry, renewable energy, agriculture, fishing and tourism.

    The chairman of the Russian-Moroccan Business Council Yuri Sharov said that this meeting will boost economic cooperation between the two countries, adding that the new economic council will promote economic relations and increase the volume of investments between the two countries.

    The meeting was also marked by the signing of four partnership agreements between economic operators from both countries, covering the areas of industry, energy, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister: HM the King's Visit "extremely important"

HM King Mohammed VI's visit to Russia is "extremely important" at the political and the economic levels given friendship and brotherhood relations between Russian and Moroccan peoples, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation and Special Presidential Representative Mikhail Bogdanov said on Sunday.

    "We are very pleased with the visit of HM the King to Russia given friendship and brotherhood relations between the two peoples," he told MAP, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to meet the Sovereign to discuss "all issues of common interest", including those regarding the latest developments in the Middle East and Africa North and joint efforts to fight terrorism.

    This visit will also give new impetus to the strategic partnership between the two countries and further consolidate cooperation relations, the Russian diplomat pointed out.

    The kingdom of Morocco and the Russian Federation need to cooperate to achieve economic and social development, which is fundamental to stability in North Africa, Bogdanov added.

    HM King Mohammed VI arrived, Sunday night in Moscow, for an official visit to the Russian Federation.

    During the visit, the Sovereign will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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