Thursday 2 April 2020

Lower House Officials Contribute with 1.6 mln DH

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Lower House Officials Contribute with 1.6 mln DH

Officials working at the House of Representatives (lower house) have decided to contribute with 1.6 million Dirhams to the Special Fund for the Management of the Coronavirus Pandemic, set up upon the high instructions of HM King Mohammed VI.

"As part of national mobilization efforts undertaken by our country to mitigate the repercussions of the coronavirus epidemic, the officials of the Lower House have contributed with 1.6 million Dirhams to the Special Fund," the House of Representatives said Thursday in a statement.

The contribution reflects the commitment of the House's officials to supporting the initiatives and measures undertaken by the presidency and the various bodies of the House so that the legislative institution can fully exercise its prerogatives in these very particular times, the source added.

Several public and private companies, national institutions and professions have announced their contributions into the Fund, which is intended to cover the costs of upgrading medical equipment, in terms of suitable infrastructure and additional means to be acquired, urgently, to treat in good conditions people who are infected with the virus.

It is also dedicated to supporting the national economy through several measures that will be proposed by the government.