Friday 19 September 2014

Morocco Strengthens Counter-Terrorism Law

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Morocco Strengthens Counter-Terrorism Law

 Morocco's Cabinet approved, here Thursday, a bill aimed at strengthening counter-terrorism laws.

The 86-14 Bill, submitted by the Minister of Justice and Liberties, Mustapha Ramid, amends and supplements the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code provisions relating to the fight against terrorism, Government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said at a press conference following the weekly cabinet meeting.

 The bill introduces provisions to revise the Penal Code so as to criminalize joining training camps in the regions of tension.

 The bill also provides for amending the Criminal Procedure Code so as to authorize the prosecution and judgment of all Moroccans inside the country or abroad, and any alien within the national territory, for the crime of terrorism committed outside the Kingdom.

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