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Sunday 21 June 2020

Adoption of Series of Measures from 24 June at Midnight for Management of 2nd Phase of Plan to Alleviate Sanitary Confinement (Joint Statement)

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Adoption of Series of Measures from 24 June at Midnight for Management of 2nd Phase of Plan to Alleviate Sanitary Confinement (Joint Statement)

A joint statement of the ministries of Interior, Health, Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, announced on Sunday that in accordance with the decision taken by the authorities concerning the transition to the second stage of the "plan to reduce sanitary confinement" from 24 June 2020 at midnight, and taking into account the need to strike a balance between the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom and the requirements of a gradual return to normal life and the revival of the national economy, a set of measures and procedures have been adopted to frame this stage, according to the following determinants:

With regard to measures to stimulate economic activities at the national level, it was decided to:

- Allow cafés and restaurants to provide their services on site, without exceeding 50% of their capacity.

- Resume commercial activities in each of the shopping centers, large shopping complexes and galleries, according to predefined conditions.

- Reopen leisure and entertainment areas, such as sports halls and hammams with a maximum of 50% of their capacity.

- Resume activities related to audiovisual and cinematographic production.

- Resume (road or rail) public transport between cities, according to predefined conditions.

 - Resume domestic flights, according to predefined conditions.


With regard to the measures established at the level of relief zone 1, it was decided to :

 - Allow movement between the regions classified in this area, provided that the national electronic identity card is presented.

- Open the beaches with the obligation to respect the physical distance.

 - Reopen local open-air sites.

 - Resume internal tourist activities with the opening of tourist institutions, provided that they do not exceed 50% of their accommodation capacity.


 With regard to the measures decided at the level of relief zone 2, it was decided to :

 - Authorize mouvement within the territorial perimeter of the prefecture or province without "exceptional mouvement authorization".

 - The obligation to have a professional authorization (mission order) or an exceptional authorization issued by the local authorities for reasons of force majeure in order to travel outside the territorial perimeter of the prefecture or province.

 - Lift the measure imposing the closure of stores at 8pm.

 - Reopen hairdressing and beauty salons, without exceeding 50% of their capacity.

- Reopen open-air public spaces including parks, gardens and public places.

 - Resume individual outdoor sports activities such as walking and cycling.

It was also decided to maintain, at the national level, all other preventive measures previously decided upon during the state of health emergency (closure of museums, cinemas, theatres, public swimming pools, prohibition of gatherings, wedding parties and funerals, etc.).

 For the successful implementation of these measures, the public authorities call on citizens to continue their full commitment and to scrupulously respect all the announced preventive measures, including physical distancing, hygiene rules, the obligation to wear a mask and the downloading of the "Wiqaytna" application.

 The authorities also insist that in the event of further outbreaks of this pandemic, all necessary measures will be taken to contain it and mitigate its negative repercussions.

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